Into The

Blogger turned business mogul Emily Weiss has built quite a beauty empire. If you do just one thing today make sure it’s logging on to “Into The Gloss” and checking out The Top Shelf. It will quickly become your lunchtime ritual. ITG began as the brainchild of Emily Weiss (the ‘Super Intern’ from reality TV program ‘The Hills’). Originally a simple beauty blog, ITG has gone on to become an international business. The Top Shelf is our favorite feature that takes a nosy into the bathroom cabinets and beauty hoards of some of our favorite well known women. And did we mention she’s the founder of that HUGE beauty brand, Glossier…?


Caroline Hirons is often referred to as the “skincare oracle.” She is an expert beauty brand consultant. Even top beauty editors, find themselves rushing out to buy Hirons’ recommendations. Hirons began uploading regularly to YouTube in very early 2017 and has already amassed over 82,000 subscribers. Expect brutally, and refreshingly, honest opinions.

Make-up artist sisters and beauty pros, Nic Haste and Sam Chapman, aka Pixiwoo are nearing their 10-year anniversary on YouTube. The Pixiwoo sisters are among the biggest names in the beauty industry. Their brainchild, RealTechniques, brought some of the best make-up brushes to the high street’s price point, and their video tutorials have racked up millions and millions of views on YouTube (no surprise considering how knowledgeable and fun they are to watch).


Beauty editor and product addict Madeleine Spencer has created a one-stop-shop with her newly redesigned Madeleine Loves. From product reviews, book recommendations, fashion titbits, travel suggestions and video tutorials, she’s got you covered.


Make-up artist and Guardian Weekend columnist Sali Hughes no-nonsense approach to beauty talk makes her someone worth listening to. Author of two beauty books, Pretty Honest and Pretty Iconic, she’s much-loved by her readers thanks to her honest opinions and practical advice. And her ‘In The Bathroom With…’ video series is genius. Watch them.

A Model

Ruth Crilly is a Fashion-model-turned-blogger. As a jobbing-model for over a decade, Crilly really knows what works – particularly what’s going to look great on camera. She launched “A Model Recommends” in 2010 to share an insight into the life of a model and give everyone access to the same tips and pro techniques that she enjoys on set. You’ll particularly love her video tutorials and if you’re very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of her dog Dexter being naughty in the background.


Rebecca Fearn is a beauty journalist, writer, make-up addict and fragrance enthusiast by trade. London-based Becky has a few years’ experience as a beauty insider under her belt. On “#BDoesBeauty” she shares her industry knowledge, tips and reviews, as well as her can’t-live-without products. Further, Rebecca writes about all things make-up, hair and skincare.


Lisa Eldridge is a world-renowned make-up artist. It’s not just the A-List clientele that has us logging-in repeatedly to Lisa Eldridge’s website – her videos are something that are quite simply not to be missed. Expect a good mix of celebrity ‘Get The Look Features’ like Kendall Jenner’s smoky eyes, to a series of tutorials that cater to the basics from ‘Make-up for Glasses’, to how to get ‘Natural, Flawless Skin’ and – our favourite – ‘Meeting Up With The Ex’ where Lisa demonstrates how to minimize the appearance of puffy ‘cried through the night’ eyes.